Budget Friendly Way to Carry Your Diabetic Equipment

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I know a lot of people who read our blog are newly diagnosed or parents to a newly diagnosed child. As a family of 3 diabetics we understand the crazy amount of money that diabetes costs people. Pricey endocrinology visits, the absurd cost of insulin and other prescriptions, pricey medical technology, and that is just the beginning. So when we find a budget friendly solution to an expensive diabetic supply we have to share!

Most people spend between 35-120 dollars on a bag to carry all their diabetic supplies with them but today we found a Target deal for a “Free” medical bag! Target is currently running a sale with the purchase of 3 first aid items you will receive a free first Aid bag. I have seen this deal before and never paid attention to it. But this time I needed bandaids to I took a look inside.

To my surprise the bag was perfect for diabetic supplies and its also big enough to store multiple change outs! Take a look inside ours:

Our Diabetic Kit

And here is the cheapest way to get your bag! Out of all the first aid supplies eligible for this promotion these gauze pads are the cheapest at $1.69, you have to buy 3 for a total of $5.07. With that purchase you will receive your free bag. There are 2 looks to choose from. The first it a traditional red first aid bag and the second is a multicolor bag!

We posted this first on our instagram page and had many diabuddies share photos of their kits packed in these bags! I you get one make sure to tag us, @inspiringthegirls in your instagram photos!

Emma with her Dexcom and Omnipod

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