US MED For Diabetic Supplies Delivery

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New Year, New You! We’ve all heard this expression but when you have diabetes, new year feels more like: new year, new deductibles, new insurance, new prior authorizations, new prescriptions, and the new headache that comes along with all of this!

This year, Tyler had new insurance and with three diabetics in one family so there were plenty of new prescriptions and diabetic supplies that needed to be ordered. I imagined hours of phone calls jumping between our doctors, our insurance, and the medical supply company. But… this year, it was all different! It wasn’t hard, it was quick, and everything was done with just one phone call! Don’t you worry I’ll share my secret.. it’s US MED!

If you are a diabetic and haven’t heard of US MED, it’s definitely a company you should learn about! US MED offers a white-glove service for your medical supplies. They make it simple every step of the way and even feature an online portal so you can track your supplies through every step of the process. US MED is a leading provider for medical supplies for diabetics nationwide. They supply diabetes supplies to over 2 million patients and trust me when I say they are experts!

There are so many benefits to choosing US MED. First, they work with your physician to get your prescription verified. Then they’ll handle all of the insurance approvals so I didn’t even need to pick up the phone after I provided my information to US MED! US MED handled everything from your initial intake phone call, to delivery, and even renewals! Their amazing staff goes beyond all expectations and makes sure you are informed every step of the way! They even deliver your medical equipment with free shipping! When dealing with a new year’s deductible, every cent counts including the price of shipping.

Emma with US MED For Diabetic Supplies Delivery

For our US MED order, we were connected with a wonderful woman named Antara. The conversation was easy and friendly. She did an amazing job collecting all our information from our doctor’s names and phone numbers to our insurance provider and membership numbers. From there on, US MED handled everything. They reached out to our doctors to get the prescription and then submitted and oversaw the prior authorization. US MED kept us informed of every step of the way and ensured us that everything was ready in a timely manner. It was the most amazing feeling to only have one phone call this year and have our Dexcom G6 order arrived perfectly a few days later.

Whether you are looking to order your CGM supplies or your insulin pump supplies, US MED can help with every step. They will give you the white-glove service that every diabetic deserves. We have enough to worry about managing sugars and calculating carbs. Let US MED handle this for you! As a parent to a child who makes it through everyday thanks to a reliable CGM, it means so much to our family that we found US MED to help us with our medical supplies delivery.

US MED For Diabetic Supplies Delivery

If anyone has any questions about US MED please reach out and ask. After our experience with US MED I would recommend them to everyone looking to make this process easier, quicker, and less frustrating. You can feel comfortable depending on US MED For Diabetic Supplies Delivery in 2022!

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  1. They are the BEST . I know because I have been with US MED for 15 years or more . They are so easy to take care of your problem .I never had one ,but I know they would be right there if I did .

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