Ten Little Shoes are perfect For your kids

Ten Little shoes is our favorite fall shoes for Emma! Growing up fall always meant a fresh start, family fun activities, and back to school shopping. I always loved picking out new clothes but what I really looked forward to was the new shoes! Ten Little Shoes are perfect For your kids

Now that Emma is a little older and starting to get excited for these traditions I was so excited to order her new shoes this fall!

We ended up choosing two pairs of sneakers from Ten Little! They are the most amazing company with the cutest and smartest shoe options for our littles.

To ensure you find the perfect size you can either send away for their size guide or print a guide out yourself! We ended up sending away for Emmas and it was a fun activity and we found her size! 

Emma with Ten Little size guide

Once we knew her size the fun part begins. We get to pick out her shoes!! We wanted to get her two pairs of sneakers that could transition from fall until the winter snow began to fall. Ten Little has options like their Everyday Original, Everyday High Top, Furry High Too, and Mary Jane Flats! We ended up choosing two Everyday Originals for Emma! We will be going back for the Furry High Too once the snow starts falling and it gets very cold here in New England. 

Emmas Lava Red Everyday classic Ten Little Shoes are perfect For your kids

In the Everyday Original you can choose between 12 colors so really they are perfect for every occasion! After much consideration we choose Lave Red and Mocha Brown for Emmas fall shoes! 

But don’t forget about the stickers! Ten Little has stickers that you can use to customize your little ones shoes. Emma got the dog stickers and we were able to put Arlo and Watson right on her toes! 

Ten Little Shoes are perfect For your kids

Ten Little shoes go with all of Emmas fall looks! They are both cute and comfy. But most importantly they are made for kiddos! 

The special features include:

  • Foot-Shaped Toe Box
  • Flat and Flexible Soles
  • Removable Character Insoles
  • Kid-Friendly Premium Materials
Emma in Her Mocha Brown Everyday Classic shoe

If you are looking for the perfect Fall shoes for your toddler she put Ten Little! 

Ten Little Shoes are perfect For your kids

Thank you,

Michelle & Emma

Please note: I am an affiliate for Ten Littles and make commission off of sales.

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