Emma’s Diaversary Pizza Party with Real Good Foods

Hey Everyone,

I can’t believe it’s already been a week since Emma’s diaversary. At this point last year we were home from the hospital and totally overwhelmed.

This last year has been a challenge but it’s also been filled with little victories. Emma had her first few 100% in range days, she is one of the youngest people on control IQ thanks to her amazing doctors for advocating and believing in us. Emma and I recorded our first television commercial discussing diabetes management. We traveled for the first time since her diagnosis, and she has kept smiling, kept laughing, all while kicking diabetes butt!

Emma’s Diaversary Party

To celebrate all her accomplishments on the anniversary of her diagnosis we had a pizza party with our close friends who have always supported Emma and cheered her on!

One thing that Emma loves but doesn’t get to have often is Pizza, most diabetics worst enemy. So I did some digging and found that one of our favorite brands Real Good Foods has a bunch of Pizza options!

They are so easy to make! Take the pizza out of the freezer, pop it in the oven and in 15-20 minutes you have a super yummy pizza!

Their pizza is low carb and perfect for our diabuddies, as well as those in low carb and keto diets!

We love every flavor from Margarita to The Supreme but our absolute favorite is the plant based sausage. We actually had to make two pizzas with this topping because it was such a big hit at her party!

If you’ve been dreaming of a low carb pizza party Real Good Foods Pizza is definitely what you need! You can order directly through their website or you can check their websites for stores near you! ❤️


Michelle & Emma

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