Happy Diaversary My Little Superhero! 

Happy Diaversary my little superhero! 

What Is A Diaversary?

A diaversary is the anniversary of a diabetes diagnosis. Many diabetics choose to celebrate all the obstacles they overcame in the last year. It’s the perfect time to celebrate the progress you have made and celebrate the daily achievements!

Emma’s 1st Diaversary

This is a real-life super Hero! One year ago Emma was carried into Boston Children’s Hospital. She received a life-changing diagnosis. We took her blood sugar at home. So, we already knew what her diagnosis would be. But, it didn’t make the shock, or grief easier.

This last year, Emma has shed tears due to finger pricks and needle pokes. She has had scary lows and frustrating highs. Emma’s endured sleepless nights and sickening ketones. Regardless, this little superhero keeps smiling.

She keeps running, playing, exploring, and laughing. Emma twirls in her tutus and can stack cups like a pro. Nothing makes her happier than the flamingos at the zoo or the fish at the aquarium. Emma greets everyone with a smile or a hug.

Emma received her service dog, Arlo. She even looks at him like she is a proud mom! She claps for everyone’s accomplishments, even her own accomplishments. Plus, she has the most infectious laughter!

This year has been beyond hard. We still grieve daily. We grief for that carefree life that we had imagined for her. I still cry after the worst days and, most nights involve more finger pokes than actual sleep. 

This year a little superhero got her strength and, that strength it is powerful! Her strength is contagious. Emma makes everyone around her believe in their own strength. This little superhero makes people believe that they can get through those hard days. She shows everyone what it takes to be their own superhero. 

Thank you Emma for being the best diabuddy. Thank you for teaching me the strength I have as a mom. I wish I could take this all away from you.

I am sorry for all you have had to endure but, I know that you will do amazing things. 

Happy Diaversary my little superhero! 

How We Celebrated Emma:

We started our day with a giant hug and her favorite Blueberry muffins (Recipe Linked).

I got her dressed and took a photo to remember her big day! I packed up the car with diapers, hypo-snacks, and car seat toys.

Next, we took a drive to the zoo! Emma sat and watched the flamingos for over an hour. She laughed and waved to them the entire time!

On our way home we stopped for chicken nuggets and french fries. This is a treat she loves and rarely gets to enjoy.

We stopped at Target to pick up a few baking supplies for her diaversary party tomorrow night!

When we got home we ate snacks, and watched her favorite movie Luca!

Emma opened her fun diaversary gifts!

She had her favorite dinner. We ate Low-carb/Keto Meatloaf ( I will be doing this recipe next month) And she has been playing with her gifts all night!

I think she had a great day!

Tomorrow we will be having her 1st diaversary party! It will be complete with a 4 layer keto cake which I am currently baking. I will be posting all about it on our instagram stories tomorrow evening!

Emma’s first Diaversary

To Our Diabuddies

I want to say a special thank you to all our diabuddies. A year ago I never thought we would find a positive to diabetes. But, we have… it’s all of you! A year ago I didn’t know any of you. Yet, in this year strangers became family! You have gotten us through our hardest days. We love you for everything you have done for us!

You can watch a special TikTok we made especially for you all!

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