Emma’s 8 & 9 Month Update

Hello Everyone,

So today I realized that I have not done an update since Emma hit the 7 month mark! A lot has changed since then. She is about to his month 10 in less then a week so let’s catch up on everything Emma!

The last two months Emma has become very chatty! She loves to scream (happily of course) I think she tries to see how loud she can really get! Although she is not talking yet and we are still waiting on her first word she has started to add vowels to her cooing and her doctors said she is right on track for her first words! She also loves to do raspberries!

Emma is now standing and walking with the help of her walker toys! She still hasn’t mastered the balance so she is not giving up the assistance any time soon!

Emma is great at hands and knees but not yet crawling. She rocks back and forth but hasn’t yet mastered the idea of moving her hands and knees forward to crawl. Honestly, I think she will be an independent walker before she crawls!

We have started bottle weaning and focusing on foods! Emma recently tried scrambled eggs, she was not a fan but we try weekly to help her get protein in her diet! Every morning Emma has yogurt, her favorite is peach! At lunch she has a fruit and a vegetable, she loves carrots and bananas most of the time her poop is orange because of how much she eats! At dinner we have chicken or Turkey, we tried beef and there was a meltdown! We also have a vegetable and carb she loves mashed potatoes but occasionally she has oatmeal!

Emma’s bottle weaning was very intimidating at first. This girl had 6-8 oz every two hours like clock work! With the food schedule we have limited her to a bottle between every meal and two after dinner!

Emma has been growing like a weed, she is now over 20 pounds and wears 18 month clothes! She is finally starting to enjoy baths and her favorite thing on this Earth is Watson! She spends most of her day laughing at him and even tries to pant and bark like him!

Over the last few months Emma has celebrated her first Easter, her first St Patrick’s day, and her daddy’s birthday!

Her favorite movie is Toy Story 4 she would watch it all day if we would let her! She loves her Jessie doll and can’t watch the movie with out her! She also is still enjoying Coco, Princess and The Frog, and Frozen 2!

I can’t wait to see what is ahead for little Emma. It’s hard to believe we are approaching her first birthday!

Love you all,

Michelle & Emma

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