The Instagram 10 Beautiful Women Challenge

Hello Everyone,

Today I want to write you you all about a viral challenge that has hit Instagram! If you have followed me for a few years you probably remember the 20 beautiful women challenge. Well a similar one has emerged recently!

This new challenge required you to upload a photo of yourself (only you) then to tag ten other beautiful women! To help spread love, strength, and kindness during this crazy time!

I was tagged by my cousin Kate! Thanks Kate, and of course I am participating to spread love to women who deserve to know they are beautiful loved and not alone during this time!

Check out my Instagram stories to see my challenge post! I nominate everyone who reads this because you are all beautiful and all deserve to know how beautiful you are! So let me see those beautiful photos and tag @inspiringthegirls in your stories!

Love you all,

Michelle& Emma

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