HelloBello Review

Hello Everyone,

I hope you enjoyed your weekend! Today I wanted to do a quick review of the HelloBello baby line! This is not a sponsored post it’s 100% my honest thoughts on HelloBello.

To be honest the reason I tried this brand was because I have a little girl crush on Kristen Bell! I grew up on Veronica Mars and find her relatable and real! Plus she is a Disney princess so I trust her completely! Dax and Kristen designed this brand to be affordable and high quality! I find theirmission inspirational, since everyone can relate that baby products are so expensiveGood products are even more expensive! Every baby deserves the best and the fact that these baby products are great quality but the same price as the cheap alternative is amazing! Thank you Dax and Kristen you surely accomplished your goal and have made baby shopping easier, affordable, and rewarding! 

Emma is very sensitive she can’t use the regular pampers or huggies because of her sensitive skin. This makes the weekly diaper shopping expensive and difficult! We tried the honest company but we found a lot of flaws. When we tried HelloBello I was shocked at how much I loved these products, they seemed to have everything I felt like the honest company was missing! 

The features I like: 

Newborn size is designed to be lower in the front so the baby’s bellybutton is not irritated

They have a wetness indicator that allows you to check if the baby is wet or dry without opening the diaper

The are hypoallergenic which Emma needs

There is no chlorine, artificial fragrance, or lotions

Extremely soft

Plant-derived liner

The cutest patterns

My one complaint:

You can only find them at Walmart orHelloBello.com so it is harder to find last minute. 

Since being in HelloBello Emma has had no irritation or rash! We are currently using the diapers, wipes, diaper cream, bug spray, body lotion,and hand sanitizer. I would honestly recommend all of these products! Next month I will add the laundry detergent to our order as well, I have not tried this yet but I have high hopes!

Let me know your thoughts if you try them out!


Love you all,

Michelle & Emma

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