Diabetic Mommy

Hello Everyone,

The other day I did a Q&A I got so many questions and love from all of you, so thank you for reaching out. One response really stuck out to me, I had a woman ask if I could do a diabetic mom post. I did a little creeping and found out that she was a diabetic mom as well. I reached back out to her because her simple question helped me not feel as alone.

Being a diabetic is a day to day struggle, constantly checking sugars, thinking twice before eating anything and hoping you guessed correctly on your carb counting. Being a mom adds a whole other level to the daily stress. I love Emma and I give her 100% of my attention everyday. Sometimes I get to caught up with her needs I forget to take care of my diabetes. Being a mom means trying to do everything for you quick so you can get back to your little one. There is many times where my lunch is a protein bar, that I may forget to cover with insulin.

Today was definitely one of the hardest diabetic days I have had in a long time. While I was sleeping my insulin pump got pulled out and I woke up with a sugar above 500. I woke up to Emma crying for breakfast and as soon as I woke I knew something was wrong. My heart was pounding, I could barely see because of the horrible migraine I had, and I was struggling to breathe. I felt like I was pregnant again because I had to run to the bathroom to throw up.

I tested my keytones and they were large which means a day of drinking water and taking more insulin then I would regularly need. I had to replace my pump and give my self an insulin injection hoping it would be a quick fix.

Well it took a while but my sugar and keytones finally started to drop. The whole ordeal was a million times more stressful than it would have been before I was a mom. The whole time i was petrified that I would need to go to the hospital. What would I have done with Emma? Of course I wouldn’t take her to an ER with all the germs, but at the same time the thought of leaving her for the first time gave me an overwhelming anxiety attack.

I was lucky that this happened on a Saturday. My husband wasn’t working so he could help take care of Emma while I took care of my self. And my mom even came over to help me when I needed it.

Today really made me realize that how important mommy care is too. Remember when you are a new mom you need to take care of yourself because you need to be there for your baby. Emma needs me, she depends on me for everything and there is nothing more important to me than taking care of this little miracle. But I have realized that also means taking care of myself.

Love you all,
Michelle & Emma



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