Love, Loss, & Rainbows

Hello Everyone,
Happy Wednesday! I hope you are all looking forward to a beautiful weekend ahead of us!
Today I want to take the time to talk about what it’s like to have a baby after a loss. As many of you know from my earlier posts my husband and I had experienced a miscarriage in November 2017 since then we welcomed our miracle, little miss Emma this June!
Emma is our rainbow baby and she is so special! To those who don’t know a rainbow baby is a baby you have after you lose a child. Rainbow babies truly are proof of miracles!
Since posting about my experiences I’ve had a lot of moms reach out to me, sharing their stories and miracles! Everyone’s story is so beautiful and proof that miracles happen and prayers are answered! But almost every person shared their feelings of guilt or what-ifs. Which is something that needs to be talked about!
Even though having a new baby especially one after going through a loss is the greatest blessing and joy that you’ll experience. There are still struggles and feeling when it comes to your loss. Like I said, To me becoming a mother has been the biggest blessing of my life! This little girl has become my whole world. Since becoming a mom the joys of watching her grow, learn, and experience the world brings me more joy and love then I can describe. I am excited for every day to see what milestones Emma will hit next. But I still think about what life would be like if Emma’s older sibling was here with us today. I think about how they would be together and how it would be if I were a mom of two. Sometimes I get a feeling of guilt for being so happy.
After talking with a lot of moms who have experienced these same blessings and struggles. I realize that this is a normal part of healing. If you are really struggling with these problems or postpartum talk to someone find help. Your partner, siblings, parents, friends or a therapist. But never feel that you are alone! After sharing my story I have spoken with so many women with similar experiences it has helped me realize that I am not alone people are feeling these same things and it’s normal. Life isn’t fair bad things happen but you are never alone!
Love you all,

My rainbow!

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