Becoming YOU

Hello Everyone,Happy Tuesday! Today I want to talk to you all about becoming you! 

We experience so much in a lifetime! So much hurt, so much joy, and everything in between! It would be so easy to say that we wish we could eliminate all the bad and get rid of all the metaphoric bruises but so much of ourselves is made up of the good and bad experiences.

Everyone has heard the phrase everything happens for a reason or what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… both are absolutely correct! 

Think about how certain experiences have changed your view on the world! How maybe an accident makes you think twice when taking a right on red or how a bad date made you hate a particular movie or restaurant! All these little things have shaped you and guide you day by day through life! 

Maybe you once were a very trusting person but experienced pain from putting your trust in the wrong person. You may think twice before your next leap of trust but maybe this change will perfect your future! 

We become who we are through a life time of experiences! You may be a completely different person today then you were a year ago and this may not be a bad thing! 

We need to embrace our mistakes and experiences and allow them to effect us but never stop us! You are in charge of your own life, learn but never be afraid to live! 

These things make you you… so don’t wish away the past! 

Love you all,



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