Ouch Free

Hello Everyone,

Sorry it’s been a few weeks since our last post. As you know Emma has started the Insulin pump and it has taken us quite a bit of time to get her sugars back down to what we wanted.

I have received so many messages from y’all asking how Emma is doing and how her pump is going! Let me tell you the insulin pump is AMAZING!

Emma has been on the pump for two weeks and on insulin in the pump for one week. We have been updating her basal and bolus setting daily but I feel like we are finally making progress. Her numbers are slowly improving with every adjustment and she has been so happy to live injection free! She is now ouch free.

Emmas insertions are easy, she barely flinches and isn’t afraid. We have been coordinating her stickers so her Dexcom and her omnipod match! A little extra fun for her! I have received a lot of messages from people looking into different pump options for their kids. I love Emma’s omnipod, it has given her freedom to eat what she wants when she wants and it has kept her tubeless.

Emma and I do our pump change outs together so she knows she isn’t alone. Honestly most of the time she is braver then I am!

Emma has taught me so much about my own diabetes and how to be brave! This little girl is a superhero who takes on everyday with a smile no matter what! Thank you all for your support and love, Emma is so lucky to have you all rooting for her. She has friends world wide and that makes her a very lucky little lady!

I promise to get back to my weekly Emma updates in the up coming weeks!

Love you all,


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