Things Aren’t as Scary When You’ve Got A Best Friend

This is Bobby, (yes, I know his Cuddle+Kind name is Maximus) Bobby was given to Emma from her grandparents just after she was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes. Bobby also has diabetes, Bobby and Emma are going through a new diagnosis together. Bobby has been a hand to hold and friend to hug when ever Diabetes becomes overwhelming or scary. And trust me diabetes is scary, Emma went from eating and enjoying her food to constantly being poked by needles to give her insulin so she can eat and keep her sugars managed. Thanks to Bobby she has a friend who is going through a new diagnosis with her.

Bobby was named after a very special kitty. Tylers grandfather (Bepe) had an orange cat who looked a lot like this, his name was Bobby. He was a great friend to Bepe for so many years. In their old age both Bepe and Bobby developed diabetes. Out of love for Bepe and Bobby and their great friendship and adventures Emma has her own Bobby now. A friend to bond with and adjust with, Bobby can be by her side for anything. At this age it’s important when dealing with a painful and dangerous disease like Type One Diabetes. Bobby and Emma deal with scary things daily, like insulin injections and sugar tested but they also have amazing adventures and lots of time to cuddle.

When Emma went on her Dexcom CGM last month Bobby also went on his own Dexcom. He went on his first to show Emma that there was nothing to be afraid of. The Dexcom has helped us manage her blood sugars with out constantly pricking her finger to get blood for a test. The Dexcom was scary at first but since she’s been on it for about a month Emma has adjusted and is no longer scared of the constant lood sugar testing. As many of you have heard Emma starts her Omnipod Insulin pump on Wednesday (Hump Day Pump Day). To help her prepare for this big change Bobby started his own Omnipod today. When it was all set Emma comforted him, the same way he will comfort her on Wednesday with big hugs! The pump will allow us to give insulin to Emma for high blood sugars and meals with out giving her injections. She will wear a pod on her arm or leg that hold and delivers insulin when she needs it. The insulin pump will need to be taken out and inserted every three days, but that one poke every three days replaced about 20 injections for Emma.

It is hard for a child to cope with a diagnosis, especially when they are too young to understand. As you may have guessed I have also been wearing the Omnipod DASH so the pods are visible to Emma. I want her to feel comfortable with the pump before she has to wear it herself. I know Wednesday may not be the easiest day but we are doing everything we can to prepare Emma and help her through this period of adjustments. Bobby is a member of our diabetic family!

At the bottom of this post I will include a few resources for you to look into regarding Diabetes, Emma’s CGM, and Insulin Pump if you are interested in learning more.

Love you all,

Michelle & Emma

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