Most Importantly Her Mom

My life has totally changed in the last few weeks! All my priorities have completely shifted and it’s been overwhelming.

With Emma’s diagnosis of #t1d I have become not only her mother but also her nurse, her voice, her advocate, and her pancreas!

We still struggle daily with her blood sugar numbers, her insulin ratios, and her fear of needles.

There is a lifetime of adjustments ahead of us but I will be there for Emma every step of the way. I feel lucky to have had diabetes because I know it will help me to help her!

My road with diabetes has not been easy, it has complicated every aspect of my life. From hurting my confidence and self esteem to being one of the causes of my infertility and high risk pregnancy. These are all fears I have for Emma.

If I could take diabetes away from her I would do it in a heartbeat, but I can’t. The only thing I can do is support, love, and care for her!

I am Emma’s nurse, her voice, her pancreas but most importantly her mom!

I love my diabetes mom cup from @lukasparttimepancreas it reminds me of the strength I’ve found in the last month! Use code Emma10 for 10% off an order of 15 dollars or more

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