Our Little Diabadass

This has been a very hard week for Super Emma! We had blood sugars into the 400’s, multiple CGM change outs, celiac testing, Endocrinology appointments, gastroenterology appointments, and lab work! Super Emma’s cape came out and helped her be brave!

We had an issue on Friday, Emma’s Dexcom kept reporting lows, so I kept treating them. After the third alert I took her sugar the old fashioned way. She was reading 470 and her Dexcom was reading 114 and dropping. We had to change her Dexcom early and dealt with a sugar rollercoaster the rest of the day.

But we also had a night completely in range with no Dexcom alerts, we have been approved for the Omnipod insulin pump, and Benedict the bunny joined our @cuddleandkind family! Thank you Loretta for the sweetest gift! It’s the small victories that help us get through a hard week!

I never thought I would see a night with zero Dexcom alerts, really I thought sleep was a distant memory so I am thankful for that one night we’ve had so far! The insulin pump will be amazing, we can replace all of Emma’s insulin injections with just one pod insert every three days! Emma is loving her new friend Benedict, we even got him a cute little omnipod for his arm so he can look just like Emma! He is going to her check up this week with her to give her a little bit of extra bravery!

This little girl impresses me everyday! A diagnosis of #type1diabetes isn’t easy, especially since she doesn’t understand why we have to give her shots or take her sugar. She is so brave, so strong, and is definitely the definition of a little #diabadass

Thank you all for the continued prayers and love! Thank you @amandakellogg924 for the constant help! We have a strong village who is helping us through each day!

Look how cute Emma’s shirt is! Code: Emma10 for 10% off orders of 15 dollars or more at @lukasparttimepancreas

Love you all,

Michelle & Emma

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