A Review Of Motherhood

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all staying healthy! I received so many messages last week asking for more reviews. Being the sappy momma I am, I decided I would do a review on my first year of Motherhood. I can’t believe it has already been about a year, T-minus 9 days till little baby Emma Rose becomes little toddler Emma Rose.

Let me start off this review by saying this past year has flown by, I feel like we were just bringing Emma home and now she is about to turn 1. How did that happen?

I will keep this review in the last format of my last few reviews: Why, How, Overall Pros, Overall Cons, and finally Overall experience. So let’s get started!

Why Motherhood?

Well motherhood was something I have always wanted! From growing up and playing with dolls I always imagined what motherhood would be like and how it would feel the day I finally met my baby. As you all know Tyler and I struggled with infertility for years before little Emma made her arrival. Although there is a lot more that goes into this the main reason for our infertility was a surgery I had prior that left a lot of internal scaring on my ovaries and fallopian tubes. To be frank there was a long time where I thought my dreams of motherhood would never happen.

The day we found out we were pregnant was terrifying. I was diagnosed with Medical PTSD due to the trauma caused by my previous miscarriage. I waited for that positive pregnancy test for so long but as soon as it was right in front of me, I was terrified of the possibility of facing that same devastation, and loss all over again. I was terrified from the moment I found out I was pregnant to the moment Emma was placed on my chest after birth.

But the reason why I kept trying and kept chasing after motherhood was because I knew that if everything worked out having my little baby here with me would be my greatest adventure. I knew that I would be a good mom and I knew the amount of love I would be able to give to a little baby. I looked at my husband every day and I knew he would be a great father. I knew we could give a great life to a little baby and there was nothing I wanted more.

How’s Motherhood Been?

Motherhood has been everything I dreamed it would be plus so much more. I love every moment I have had with little Emma. Even during the 4 AM feedings when I was so desperate for sleep I realized I would miss this time and this stage. I have watched this little person who I love more then I ever thought was possible grow into herself. Emma has the most amazing personality, she is funny and goofy, she is smart and beautiful, she is so strong and such a lady. When someone says you don’t know love until you are a other they are 100% correct, the love a mother feels for her child is beyond anything else in this world. Little Miss Emma is my world, she is the best part of everyday, and she is my happiness. So how’s it been?… There are no words to truly describe how wonderful it has been.

Overall Cons:


Overall Pros:

There are really too many to list but here are some of my favorites

  • LOVE
  • The Baby Cuddles
  • Becoming a Teacher/Mentor
  • Being Called mama
  • Seeing your Love Become a Father
  • Those Beautiful Smiles
  • Hearing your Child Laugh
  • Watching Your child learn
  • Slowing down your life and just living for everyday with the most important little person
  • Learning From Them
  • Seeing Your Baby’s Firsts
  • The Unbreakable Bond
  • Shaping Their Spirit and Mind
  • They will make you Laugh
  • Sharing Everything with Them
  • Teaching Them Everything you Know
  • Seeing Their Happiness
  • Seeing Their Imagination
  • It Will Make you A Better Person
  • You Feel Like Will Actually Burst With Love
  • You Will Become So Strong
  • Mommy Super Powers
  • Finding That Purpose You Have Always Been Looking For

Overall Experience:

Being a mom is the greatest thing in my life. I feel like I know exactly who I am and who I am meant to be now and that is Emma’s mom. I have a new and amazing purpose; my life has become so much fuller. I am the strongest I have ever been and the happiest. Upsetting things don’t matter like they used to. To me Emma is everything and Motherhood is the greatest gift on this Earth.

Over this last year I have been so excited to see poop, I have cried because someone wasn’t tired, I have felt the purest joy from hearing a cry, and I have seen the miracle of life and time. I am sure motherhood isn’t for everyone but there is nothing I would recommend more to everyone.


Love you all,

Michelle & Emma


Photo by: @brenagh_naser

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