A Mommy’s Review of The Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor

Hello Everyone,

Time for another real mommy review. Today I am going to be doing a full review of the Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor system. This review is not sponsored or endorsed. We have been using the Nanit Plus for 1 month and this is our initial review of the device, app, and features.

Why did we buy the Nanit Plus?

Previously we were using the Owlet sock and our Motorola Halo camera system. Both we loved and have done reviews on. With Emma now about to hit her 1st birthday and weighing bout 24 pounds the Owlet is no longer recommended for her size and age. Being a first-time mom to a baby who was born premature and had been diagnosed with Infant Shudder Syndrome I wanted to find a solution that would allow me to not only see her on camera but also monitor her well-being through breathing or heart rate. That is when we found and begun looking into the Nanit Plus.


The features that sold us on the Nanit Plusover its competitors was that there is multiple options for “Breathing Wear” these are what the baby wears to bed so the camera can monitor their breathing they have the Nanit Swaddle(24.99 each) designed for up to 20 pounds and 6 month of age. Emma is too old for these as she is now rolling over and gets on to her hands and knees, but this would have been essential for her if we purchased this when she was a newborn. They also offer the Nanit Sleeping bag(34.99 dollars each) which is basically a sleep sack that allows the Nanit to monitor breathing. Although it is summer know we did order a few of these for Emma to wear in the winter months. They are designed for ages 3 months to 24 months depending on the size you order. Finally, they have the Nanit Breathing band (19.99 dollars each) this is a Velcro band that goes around the baby’s mid-section with their arms free. They are designed for newborn to 24 months. This is the breathing wear we are currently using and love! We bought two bands and have not needed more; Emma is in a size large but has plenty of room to grow. We loved that we had multiple options based on age, weight, and environment to find the perfect breathing wear for your baby!


(Image: Nanit.com)

            Another feature that sold us on the Nanit plus was that it is designed to monitor you baby through the first 2 years of life, not just the first like the Owlet does. Coming to the end of Emma’s first year is a relief knowing that SIDS risks will soon be over, but I still worry when I put her into her crib at night, this simply gives me a sense of security knowing I would be alerted if something goes wrong.


(Image: Walmart.com)

            Another great feature of the Nanit is the the insights. They tell you everything about your babies sleep. How effective their sleep was, how long they slept, how many times you checked on them, how long it took them to fall asleep, and it gives you tips on how to improve their sleep.


(Image: Nanit.com)

            The final feature that sold us on the Nanit Plus versus its competitors is that is easy to travel with! When you purchase the Nanit Plus you can decide between a floor and wall mount, decided on the Wall mount so Emma wouldn’t be able to play with the camera attached to her crib now that she is standing, the wall mount is also the cheaper option. When you are checking out you will have the option to add a Nanit Multi-Stand (49 dollars extra), If you travel, I suggest you do so. It allows you to move the cameras to other rooms or even other houses so you can check on the baby no matter where you are. This is a great benefit for when Emma spends the day at grandparents houses, they can sync the app to their phones and keep an eye on Emma while she napping.


(Image: Nanit.com)

How Does it work and how hard was it to set up?

It is very simple to get started. We installed Emmas Nanit camera and plugged it into the wall. Next we Downloaded the Nanit App from the AppStore. From there we were able to connect the camera to wifi and check to make sure the camera had full view of the crib. It was really that simple.

One thing I was nervous about was having a camera that strictly works though apps, I did love having a physical monitor with Emma’s last camera. Good thing Nanit thinks of everything! Using my Amazon Echo Show I am able to connect her camera using the skill “Nanit Show” This was a very simple set up. From there I am able to see Emma on the screen without looking at my phone.


(Image: CNET)

We baby is placed in the crib wearing the “Breathing Wear” You go to your app and select start then you drag a little green circle over the “Breathing Wear” and it starts monitoring them right away.

Overall Pros

  • Easy to Install
  • Breath monitoring is able to be used to 24 months old
  • Portable
  • User Friendly App
  • Helpful sleep tracking, tips, and insights
  • Clear camera
  • Great Audio
  • Cute Videos to summarize your babies sleep
  • You can take photos of them in the crib using the app
  • Has a built in nightlight
  • HSA and FSA Approved

Overall Cons

  • Expensive! Total cost for the system is 299 or 375 depending on the stand you select.
  • You have to have baby wearing “Breathing wear” to use that function
  • Does not come with a handheld monitor although you can use an Echo Show or Dot
  • Insights are only included for the first year

Places To Buy:

Overall Experience

In our experience the Nanit Plus was a great investment. It gives me the comfort of knowing Emma is safe. I have enjoyed the insights and sleep tips that the app give. We realized that Emma needed a more concrete bedtime routine and with the apps help we were able to achieve this in about 2 weeks, we even earned an achievement!

If this monitor is in your price range, I would absolutely recommend it! Especially for the first-time mom! To be honest it was hard for me to come up with those 4 Cons because the Pros definitely outweigh them!

If you have any specific questions let me know happy to help you decide if this is right for you and your little one.

Love you all,

Michelle & Emma


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    • Hi Sorry for the delayed response as long as I don’t receive a notification such as an alarm on my Echo Show her monitor remains on!

  1. Hi there! When you used the Amazon show, does the video time out? I’m currently using a different video monitoring system that is suppose to be echo show compatible, but times out after 30 min or less- which seems it useless to monitor (my also premature baby) through the night. Any feedback on this would be wonderful!

    • Hi Sorry for the delayed response as long as I don’t receive a notification such as an alarm on my Echo Show her monitor remains on!

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