A Box Of Love & Giving

Hello Everyone,

Happy Thursday sorry I have been a little MIA lately. Emma has been struggling with teething pain and most of my days are dedicated to keeping her from crying every second!

Progress report: she now has 3 teeth!

Any way Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and we are so excited to celebrate with our little Valentine! As you know we try to always teach her to give and help others, this year for Valentine’s Day, just like Christmas, we decided to give her gifts that give back! After all, Valentine’s Day is about spreading the love! Juk

So I present you Emma’s Box of Love & Giving!

In her box is:

Cuddle and Kind: Ella The Unicorn

Cuddle and Kind: Lucy The Lamb

Cuddle and Kind is an amazing company! For every doll purchased they give ten meals to hungry children!

Toms: size 2 Tiny Grey Toms (a size bigger than her current Toms)

Toms is also amazing I have been living in these shoes since I was in High School. For every pair of shoes bought they donate one pair of shoes to a child in need!

Bella Tunno: Cheeks for Week’s teether!

I love Bella Tunno teethers! They work amazingly well and for every one purchased the give a meal to a hungry child!

Click the brand names to shop these brands for your little one and give to others at the same time!

Love you all,

Michelle & Emma

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