Our First Date Night


Hello Everyone,

A quick update on sleep training, Emma is doing well. We are far from done but she has come a long way! Her naps are becoming longer and she is sleeping the 11 hours overnight, I couldn’t ask for more!

So last night Tyler and I had our first date night since Emma was born! 7 months of never leaving her side and I had to walk out that door without her! She stayed with my mom who I trust with Emma 100% so I wasn’t worried but I was so upset about what I would be missing while I was away from her. I couldn’t stop thinking about all the smiles, and the giggles I would miss. I could stop thinking that she must be upset to be away from me. I pictured her crying and looking for me not knowing where I was.

Honestly, my date night was horrible, I love and enjoy being with my husband but the separation anxiety I felt was crippling. I honestly couldn’t focus on anything else! The best moment of the night was when I got home and saw my beautiful baby girl smiling at me! She was not upset and did great, definitely better than me!

I give all the respect to working mom’s I couldn’t imagine having to walk out that door without Emma every day, it was so hard.

One thing that was nice about the date night was finally getting the chance to dress up and feel pretty. After 7 months of caring for a baby full time and typically staying in my pajamas putting in a dress and straightening my hair felt nice!

If you are looking for a cute date night dress check this one out! It is super comfortable and I felt beautiful! Not to mention it is affordable and the perfect dress to have in your closet for any occasion! You can find it here: https://backnear.com/collections/sweaters/products/warm-knit-sweater-slim-button-sheath-dress?variant=29550372257903


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