If I Could Give My Daughter 3 Things

This world can get complicated! As we get older life seems to get messier. I look at Emma everyday and realize that she will not be this young forever.

It’s hard not to miss childhood where meeting someone 15 minutes ago made them your best friend. Where you always felt beautiful and graceful. Your biggest concern was which toy to play with and negativity didn’t yet exist.

If I could gift Emma three things that she would always remember and never forget it would be: self worth, confidence, and to never forget how loved she truly is.

I know I will never be able to shield Emma from cruel school kids, heart break, or a fight with a best friend, but you better believe I will do everything I can to prepare her so she never questions her worth in these situations and feels strong enough to overcome anything that gets her down.

I imagine what Emma will be like when she grows up everyday. Will she be a doctor, a yoga instructor, a farmer, a lawyer, a blogger? Will Emma find joy in art and music or numbers and words? I think about who she will marry and pray that they are kind and make her feel all the love she deserves.

Most importantly I hope she always stays happy. I hope the happiness never depends on material possessions or the approval of someone else! I hope she knows exactly who she is and thrives everyday of her life!

I hope Emma doesn’t rush to grow up. I hope she looks forward to her future, but loves the moments she is in. I hope she appreciates the people who care for her and spends all the time she can with them.

Emma is a very lucky girl to have such a fortunate and blessed life but I hope she never forgets these things!

Love you all,

Michelle & Emma

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