Is It Fall Yet?

Hello Everyone,

Happy Wednesday!

I am getting so excited for fall! We live in an area of the country that gets quite hot in the summer but quickly cools down come Autumn!

Like I’ve mentioned in my past posts this fall will be Emma’s first Halloween and I am beyond excited! We are trying out a few different Halloween costumes early so I can pick the perfect one!

Since it cools down in our area so quickly I am looking for a costume with pants and the long sleeves! Today we tried on an adorable ghost costume that Emma looked so cute in!

One of my favorite parts of this costume is the fact that she can wear these pieces separate for the fall months! And I love the hat it is adorable on her!

If you are interested in this costume you can find it here!

Send me your photos of your little ones! You can find me email on the contact me page!

Love you all,

Michelle & Emma

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