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Hello Everyone,

Happy Tuesday! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

At my 6 week postpartum appointment my doctor cleared me to work out again! I was always active prior to my pregnancy but had to stop everything due to the risks surrounding my pregnancy last November. I really missed doing yoga, since I have been cleared I started doing some light yoga again to try to get back into shape and just stay healthy!

Since it has been so long I seemed to have lost all of my yoga skills I had before becoming pregnant. It will definitely take time to learn my new bodys strengths and weaknesses since having Emma. We have been starting slow with some early morning mommy and me yoga, that is safe to do with Emma! As you can see in her photo even Emma is getting into yoga!

One thing I was excited about getting back into yoga was the new clothes I got to buy! My new leggings are my favorite, they are stretchy and comfortable and have pockets! Making it easy for me to keep her pacifier handy during yoga times! If you are looking for some great leggings check them out here:

If any of you have good post partum work out routines please share them with me! You can always find my email under the contact me page!

Love you all,

Michelle & Emma

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