My Favorite Corner of Emma’s Nursery

Hello Everyone,

Happy Saturday, I hope you all have exciting plans for the long weekend! This is a big weekend for my little family, this Sunday Emma will be Baptized! I am so excited to go before our family church to present Emma to God!

I will be doing a very detailed blog complete with photos of the baptism and reception that will follow this Monday!

Today like I promised, I will be talking to you all about my favorite area of Emma’s nursery!

In the corner next to her closet I have set up a rocking chair, this is my favorite area because it is were I sit to feed Emma, to read to her, to sing to her, and to play with her!

When Emma grows I will still look fondly on this little corner of her nursery and all the memories we’ve created there!

The rocking chair in this corner came from my husbands’ grandparents’ house which has recently been sold due to the loss of his grandfather earlier this year and his grandmother having to go into a memory care facility to help keep her safe due to dementia. The chair has a lot of good memories for my husband and it is wonderful to have it in our house to share with Emma! I keep a sign next to my chair to remind me that being a mother is hard and even when I begin to feel overwhelmed I am doing the best I can and that is all Emma wants and needs is the love and caring that we give her everyday!

The baskets next to chair are beautiful they remind me of nature! I keep Emma’s blankets in the large one so I do not need to leave the rocking chair to make Emma comfortable and warm! The large basket is the perfect size for her baby blankets! I use the smaller basket for her lovies and toys! Just like any baby Emma occasionally gets cranky and fussy, so having her little toys on hands helps me grab the ones I need when she starts to cry! If you are interested in the baskets they can be found at this link:

I love you all,

Michelle & Emma

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