Number 1 Patient

Hello Everyone,

Like I mentioned yesterday Emma had her 2 month check up! And she passed with flying colors!

The doctor came and and did a full check up of little Emma the only thing she noticed was a slight Asymmetry of the back of her head. To help this we need to baby one side of her slightly.

We reviewed how her reflux was doing. Even though it is still a problem it has improved and the doctor was very happy with her progress.

She has been gaining weight and height so they think she is doing great with nutrition! I love watching her grow, looking back at her photos from birth it’s hard to believe it’s only been two months!

Emma has to get a few shots which was hard for both of us! I hate seeing her cry because it hurt and believe me she let out a scream. But she settled pretty quickly and has been extra tired today but is doing well!

So proud of little Emma!

We will be doing a small nursery tour over the weekend!

Love you all,

Michelle & Emma

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