A Weekend At The Cape

Hello Everyone!

Well it’s Friday! I hope you all have some fun planned for this weekend!

Tyler and I are spending today in Cape Cod. (The beautiful setting of Dawson’s Creek) Tyler’s great uncle passed away back in November and the family all gathered at the National Cemetery today to honor and remember him!

I personally never had the honor of meeting Wayne but from what I have heard I really missed out on knowing a wonderful man! He served our country during WWII and loved his family with all his heart!

Being around so many of Tyler’s family members has really opened my eyes to why he is as sweet and kind as he is! I have never been surrounded by so many people who are so open and friendly! It seems as if the kindness trait gets passed down from generation to generation in this family!

I have always been very close to my family and I have always known how special family is and that it should be something that is always treasured! Our parents grandparents siblings aunts uncles cousins all play these roles in who we become as people! It’s amazing to see how all these people share certain traits and characteristics with Tyler! No matter how rarely you see some relatives you share so much with them!

Rest in peace Wayne, I wish I had the opportunity to meet you. You were blessed with an amazing family and they were all blessed with all they gained from knowing you!

Love you all,







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