New Hampshire Ice Castles

Hello Beautiful People,

This post will be different from my usual posts! I wanted to tell you all about my trip to queen Elsa’s castle yesterday! 

Just kidding Elsa doesn’t live there LOL 

Elsa lives in Arendelle, not New Hampshire. But it was a castle made of ice!

The ice castles are man made castles completely made from ice! They are able to build so much just out of ice! It’s the perfect outing for families, the kids will have a blast running through the maze and sliding down the slide! It’s also the perfect date for couples it’s so beautiful it most definitely sets a romantic mood! 

The castle was beautiful! It was packed full of tourists attempting waiting in an hour long line to slide down a slippery slide of ice but it was beautiful!

 Unlike Elsa the cold definitely bothered me! And I was disappointed that my snowman did not come alive and love warm hugs but I enjoyed myself anyways. 

There were mazes of ice and a fountain of ice and a slide of ice and thrones of ice basically there was a lot of ice! It was nice! 

Me and Tyler met Ashley, Joel and Melania at the castles yesterday and had so much fun! Although we did not enjoy waiting in the hour line for the slide we all enjoyed our selves! 

We explored all areas of the castle, took tons of photos and ended the day with a hot cup of coco! 

I have never been one for winter weather or the cold but I would recommend the ice castles to anyone! It’s a must see! And one of the most beautiful places you will ever see! 

There are ice castles all over the country so I hope some of you get out and enjoy them like we did!

Stay “cool”,




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