Freaky Friday's 

Hello Everyone,
Happy Friday! 
Today I want to talk to you about jealousy. Everyone has moments of jealousy whether your jealous of the woman on the cover of the magazine with the perfect body and equally as perfect tan or if your jealous of the girl in your school that has perfectly effortless hair!
We are all guilty of being jealous at some point it’s just who we are! But before you go wishing that you had their life try thinking about what really makes them who they are.
Having perfect hair does not make you perfect! The girl that you think is beautiful may have struggles in her life that you would never want to take on. 
The woman with the perfect body in that magazine may seem beautiful and elegant but would you want to be on a diet every day of you life with constant criticism from people who don’t even know you?
Our lives are much more then how we appear. People mask pain and hurt with smiles and laughter, you do not truly know someone till you take the time to understand why they are the way they are. 
So it’s true that girl might have beautiful silky hair but maybe she is jealous of you because you have true friends or a loving family! 
Before you decide to pull a freaky Friday and try to be someone else or something your not think of all the good things in your life! These are things that not all people have and others might even be jealous of you for having!
Make the best out of your own life! Laugh smile and love yourself! 
Love you all 

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  1. Jealousy is unavoidable but you are right.. We should love your selves because someone is probably jealous of you

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