A smile a day will attract friends who will stay!

Today I want to talk to you all about staying positive and how beneficial it can be for you! When I was in high school my grandmother would pick me up from school and every day she would say the same think like why don’t you smile more you’ll make new friends. I never understood what she meant by this till recently.

When I was in high school I never wanted to be there so I never smiled now that I have more to smile about I have realized that maybe my positive attitude is responsible for all the close relationships with people I have formed recently! I know personally that I love to be around happy people, everyone does because they make you happy. Its simple if you are happy people will want to be around you. This will help you make friends, get a job, and just survive awkward or dreaded situations.

I read an article saying that faking an emotion can actually trick your brain into feeling that emotion. Basically the muscles in your face trigger your brain to think the way it does when you typically make that expression. So if you smile more you will be happy!

So now everyone I challenge you to one day of smiling. Think about how you feel right now are you sad, mad, lonely? well I bet if you go through your day tomorrow smiling and keeping a positive outlook you will feel better tomorrow night then you do right now. Even if you are happy try it no one can ever be too happy


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