Guilty Pleasures

Hey y’all

So today I wanted to talk to you about stress, happiness and guilty pleasures. Okay moms don’t worry this will be rated G I promise!

Many people do not understand the amount of stress the typical teenager is going through. There is friends, family, school work, relationships, social media, jobs, crushes, bullies. OMG make it stop!! I get stressed just talking about this stuff. I lived through all these stressors at one point or another! So let me start by telling you the truth… Stress will never go away but you can manage it, embrace it and kick stresses but!

When I was in High school I dealt with all the stressful things I mentioned just as many of you are experiencing now! But when I got to college everything changed, sure I still had a lot of these same stressors but I learned how to conquer them!

First the most important thing to know is that you will be okay whatever it is take a deep breath look in the mirror and remind yourself this is your life you are in control!!!

Next find your outlet! This can be tricky for me it is either to watch my favorite movie (The Breakfast Club) Watch my favorite TV Show (Dawsons Creek) Or read my favorite book (Battle for Honor: Gates) But for you this may be different! Maybe you like sketching or painting or bubble baths or working out or singing. Whatever you like to do whether you are bad or good do it!!

Next, talk to someone tell you friend, mom, sister, boyfriend, whoever! tell them you are stressed or sad I know from personal experience sometimes you need to hear from someone else that this is not the end of the world or maybe you need a hug!

Finally, look in the mirror again! know that  you have calmed down you can see it, your beautiful smile, or your sparkling eyes! Know that you are you and that you are in control!

Love you guys remember your beautiful



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