saying goodbye

Hello everyone I hope you are making the most of this beautiful Friday!

I wanted to write you about relationships today. Relationships are great when your with the right person but as many of you have or will find out you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince. And having to say goodbye to these frogs can be hard even if you are sure they aren’t right for you.

Now I came to think of this post because of a recent experience one of my best friends has gone through. She was in a relationship with a boy that she had fallen head over heals for. Its safe to say that she really was in love with him, or who she thought he was. It turns out he wasnt the prince she thought he was and he broke up with her leaving her with no closure and wont even return her calls. Now I understand that sometimes people fall in and out of love there isnt always going to be a clear reason to why, but when you are the person that has to hear that your once prince charming no longer loves you there is nothing that will make you feel better. For her sake a really wish there were magic words that I could say and make all the pain go away but unfortunately there is not.

So this post is for all you girl who feel heart-broken and betrayed if there was a special remedy I could share with you I would but like I said before there is not. But you should all know that its okay to cry and feel like you hit rock bottom breaks ups hurt and theres no denying that. But I want you to stay strong and to realize that know matter who or how this person broke your heart you will ne okay you will heal and you will find love again. Just remember you are strong these things dont need to break you and just because this one relationship is over doesnt mean your life is over so take a few deep breaths, eat a tub of icecream, and watch chick flicks till you fall asleep. Life is not always what you expect and you are stronger then this so just remember stay strong.

I love you all

Xoxo Michelle <3

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful article Michelle! 🙂 I just recently discovered your blog yesterday and up until now i can’t stop reading them all over again. I’m going through the same thing like your best friend right now and your articles lifts me up and giving me hope. Please don’t stop inspiring girls like me.



    • Hi Rose!!
      Thank you sooo much for reading my blog and all of these kind words!! I am just simply trying to spread messages I have learned to make everyone more at peace with themselves!! I promise I will continue writing just for people like you!!Thank you so much for this message you have made my night!!

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