Always end with a friend

Hello all you wonderful people!

I was just sitting here in my room thinking about what I should write about tonight!  Then I thought of one of the most important aspects of every persons life. Friendship!! Friendships means different things to everyone some people may rely on their friends for everything in life, some people may be more independent but love to chat it up over coffee, so some people your friends are your family, and to some people the relationship between you and your best friend is the strongest and most important bond in the entire world. 

Friends are people you call for advice, to give good news and just to chat about your day. I am one of those people who never had a bunch of friends I have always been shy and timid around new people. I remember high school being such a challenge for me because if I did not have a friend in my class i would feel uncomfortable and remain quite through most of the class. Although with maturity and becoming more confident and comfortable in my own skin this all changed. When I was going through high school i was always jealous of those girls who would have groups to go to the mall with and I struggled feeling like I was alone, I’ll never forget how my mom would tell me that I was the lucky one although i didn’t have a giant clique to shop with I had amazing friends. She told me that you can have many friends but if you can fill up one hand with true friends then you are very fortunate. 

I still live by what my mom told me! I am a very rich person not in money but in friendship I feel like in the end when you reflect on your day, your school career, or your live you will remember the people who put themselves permanently in your heart. My second grade teacher taught me the saying always end with a friend as a trick to teach us how to spell “friend” but to me this saying means so much more then a quick spelling trick it is a way of life, it is an important lesson.


I hope you all have an amazing few days go give your friends a hug and remember how lucky you are


Love you all 






Me and Kelsey My Best Friend since Birth! 

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