"YOU" is beautiful!

Hello all of my favorite people,

I wanted to write to you about new year resolutions! Im sure we have all heard so many people talking about this being the year that they quit smoking, loose weight, get their dream job, ect… and I’m sure you all have some resolutions of your own. Resolutions can be great they can motivate you to do great things and finally accomplish things you’ve been working towards.

However I have heard a lot about making a “new you” or a “better you” and this just doesn’t sit right with me. I prefer to say an “improved you” because I don’t ever thing anyone should be looking to make a “new you” since its important to love who you are and to understand that you shouldn’t try to change what makes you, you. Sure their is always going to be times where you feel like change or little improvements but to me its more important to make sure you find yourself after you do that it will be easier to make see what you should really be striving for in the new year.

So here it is everyone for all of you who don’t fully know you I challenge you to make 2014 the year that you get to know yourself. However you decide to do this I hope you guys find yourselves learn to love yourselves and everything else will fall into place as well I promise!! 


I love you all remember “YOU” is beautiful! 


xoxox Michelle


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