Very Inspiring Blogger Award! <3


Today the beautiful and amazing HMC notified me that she had nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. To me this is HUGE! I have just started blogging recently and I am still trying to figure out most of it. HMC has an amazing and inspiring blog herself so for her to nominate me was astounding! So again I say thank you!

My blog aims to teach woman and girls how to love them selves. My goal is to help my fellow females feel beautiful. I am a psychology major and plan on dedicating the rest of my life to this goal I have. I recently learned to do this myself and haven’t stopped smiling since I learned to love me I want eh world to be full of others smiles too.

To complete this honor there are a few rules:

1.Display the award logo on your blog
2.Link back to the person who nominated you (just click HMC above)
3.State 7 things about yourself
4.Nominate 15 bloggers for this award and link to them
5.Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

7 Things about me:

1. I am a type 1 diabetic since I was 13

2. I want to buy a cat and name her Tiger-Lily

3. I used to hate my red hair but now I love it!

4. Tigger is my favorite character EVER!

5. My favorite food is Mac-and-Cheese

6. My favorite movie is 500 days of summer

7. I am a little to obsessed with Dawson’s Creek

Other inspiring Blogs! ( random order)

1. Gen Y Girl (a blog about my generation, she shares her own stories and makes you feel like your not alone in your generation)

2. Dapowel3 (this blogger is an amazing and inspiring person they write about the journey as a teen parent, very inspiring and strong)

3. Diabetic Redemption (as a fellow diabetic I find this woman inspiring she says shes on a search for a balanced life and she has fully inspired me to so the same)

4. Alyssa Rose ( this girl is herself she is very inspiring and I love reading her blog All college age and recent graduate girls should read this you will be able to connect)

5. My Life of lists( this girl is amazing, she has bucket lists for college, life, and summer. she also has a list of places she wants to go!! These goals she has inspire me to creat more goals for my self!!)

6. Out Of The Ordinary (this girl talks about movies books and life I love when she just writes about life most of them make you think and you can connect to honestly inspiring)

7. Saved, Forgiven, Loved (this girl is so inspiring she has found her faith and is inspiring others to find theres)

8. Bold And Unashamed (this is a blog about inspiring the next generation through words of God and faith truly inspiring)

9. asizcreatives (this blogger writes about experience with Chrohns and Celiac disease very inspiring to hear how they have dealt with these)

10.Her Dancing Words (this girl has such a cool way of blogging I love looking at her blog it has pictures and words that will move its readers)

11. Words On The Wind (this girls photos are beautiful she writes great messages with them She inspires me to follow my dreams and wish I could do something that beautiful with a camera)

12. Bittersweet Diagnosis ( this is an amazing girl, she has diabetes like me and her out look is so positive the description of her blog is even “Life with diabetes isn’t all bad!”)

13. Finding Happiness as a 20something (this blog is about everything I love basically just learning to appreciate life and everything in it I know this inspired me)

14. Inspiring Life (so inspiring, just like it says! )

15. Soul Candy ( a blog about getting healthier and being the best you)

17 responses to “Very Inspiring Blogger Award! <3”

  1. Wow! Thank you so much for mentioning me in this post. Knowing that my blog is able to inspire others is such a rewarding feeling. What I love most about blogging is that I can find people like you who share the same ideals. This helps me to feel connected to all of those who are at least trying to be happy and not giving in to what the world is making us feel at times. Great job, and congratulations on your nomination =]

    • Your welcome! And thank you soo much!! I love this for the same reason its amazing how peoples words can be so moving and inspiring. I have found so much inspiration from blogs like yours!

  2. Well well well, I couldn’t very well accept without looking through your blog first. Thank you very much for your nomination! I appreciate what you’re doing here, and I do hope you’ll continue your work(preferrably in a much more regular manner than I manage, woops!). You’re doing great and I will be sure to spread the love as well.

    – IL

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