Being you!



Think of 5 female celebrities… Know I’m sure a few are girls you wish you could be, a few may be recently in the news for doing stupid things, others may sing your favorite song but in the end they are just people. To go back to the first statement I’d like to point out you should never want to be any body other then you! You are the only person who can say that there you and thats pretty special! You have qualities and thoughts that are unique to you and you should own them!

Girls don’t be afraid to be you! Don’t cave in to peer pressure and never think of your self as less then anyone! You are you and that the best you can be! Lets face it Because this life is to over whelming for many people, and when you learn to accept who you are, and to love every part of you everyone will be jealous of you once you find your happiness! Its what every one wants and you can get it!!! 

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