Sooo this is my blog!

Hello world,

 My name is Michelle I am 21 and from the United States. I created this blog to help inspire people all over the world to love themselves. I have finally learned how to do this and my life has become so much better for it. I have been able to open myself up to love, new friendships and so many new and exciting experiences. My story is not too dark I used to be the most confident child there was until I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a teenager and sorta felt ashamed. I now realized that I was stupid to think this way if you look at these little obstacles as something that makes you unique rather than different you can make these things work for you rather than against you. In my case diabetes helped me mature earlier. I came to realize that in order for me to even have a future I had to get healthy. I  can’t overly complain about my high school I had great friends and managed to avoid drama for the most part but I still wasn’t comfortable with myself. When I got my acceptance to the college of my choosing I decided to change all of this I took control of my life that summer I got control of my diabetes and decided to no longer hide it. In college, I took hard challenging courses because I feel like I could do it. First semester I got honors and now I have two physical anthropology internships in a hospital. I have gone through ups and downs just like all of you and My life is far from perfect but I am learning to love it for all it is.  I have seen such an amazing change in my life and I hope that I can give some of you the courage and advice you need to change your life for the better!





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