Hello Everyone,

I hope you are enjoying your weekend so far!

As I mentioned in my Super Emma post from last week I will be doing weekly Emma Updates while we live through the adjustment and transition into life with a diabetic toddler.

Thank you to everyone who continues to reach out and support our family. A diagnosis of any kind can be challenging on a family and we feel so blessed to have so many amazing people who have supported, loved, and prayed for us!

This week has been another adjustment. Emma has experienced a few mid day lows which were absolutely terrifying! I am so thankful for the Dexcom for warning us of her sugars allowing us time to treat them. We are told to treat all blood sugars below 80 as lows. Treating a low involves giving quick acting glucose such a juice, or glucose gel waiting 15 minutes and checking to see if she is back above 80.

Although she has experience a few lows we are still battling with high blood sugars the majority of the day. Although we are correcting her blood sugars and giving her insulin for her carbohydrates prior to eating he numbers still shoot up as soon as she eats anything. We have an appointment on Tuesday to have her insulin ratios adjusted to hopefully avoid the spike in blood sugars after eating.

This new diagnosis has affected our family in so many ways. As you know both Tyler and I are diabetics as well. We have a new responsibility of taking care of ourselves as a way of teaching her how to take care of herself. I feel a new pressure to keep myself healthy and my diabetes in good control not just for myself but for Emma! She will learn so much about diabetes just by watching me and I don’t want her ever to have the excuse that I don’t take care of myself so why should she.

Since Emma was diagnosed I have started the Dexcom, ordered a diabetic ID bracelet, and I am eating healthier! I don’t want Emma to ever feel she is different because of her diabetes. Yes, it’s an extra struggle but it will never stop her from living her life or becoming everything she wants to be!

This little girl will never remember a time when she didn’t have diabetes. Although I want to spoil her and give her everything she could ever want it is so important to teach her good habits and show her the importance of a healthy diet!

Emma, you and daddy will always be my best diabuddies! We can do this together! 💙💙

If you are looking for some adorable Dexcom stickers, cute Diabetic Tshirts, or even my new favorite coffee tumbler check out Lukas’ Part Time Pancreas on Etsy! They have the cutest things and the momma who runs it is amazing. She has helped me so much since Emma’s diagnosis! Her little boy Lukas is absolutely adorable and was diagnosed around the same age as Emma. You can use Emma10 for 10% off an order of 15 dollars or more!

Thank you,

Michelle & Emma

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