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Hello Everyone,

As you may have seen this week I did an Instagram vote to see who Emma’s next Cuddle + Kind Friend would be! After over 2,000 votes sweet Charlotte The Dog won the vote and we are just waiting for her to arrive and join our cuddle family!

I wanted to write a blog post about Cuddle + Kind because I have received so many messages asking about them! There is a lot to learn so let’s jump in!

First, Cuddle + Kind is an heirloom knit doll company. It is run by a family of 5: mom Jen, dad Derek, and their children Ethan, Brooke, and Rachel. They created this company to help feed children! For ever doll purchased 10 meals go to hungry children, for every print sold 5 meals go to hungry children! As of right now they have fed more then 13 million children! How amazing is that!

Second their knit dolls come in 2 sizes little which is about 13 inches tall and regular which is about 20 inches tall. There is a big difference in size! We have found that at this age Emma prefers the littles and they are easier for us to carry when we leave the house! But there is something so special about the regular ones who are about the size of Emma!

The details are amazing each doll is beautifully stitched and the highest quality of doll I have ever seen! There is know doubt that they will last forever! Each doll has a story and we love to learn about them. They each have a name, birthday and quote to live by!

They make great friends and a beautiful collection! I know many moms who use Cuddle + Kind to decorate the nursery because of how beautiful they are! Many people use them in each milestone photo of their child to show how much they are growing #milestoneforhunger

Many of you have asked who is in Emma’s collection of dolls! Currently Emma’s friends include: Violet the Fawn, Chloe the Bunny, Mia the Dog, Lucy The Lamb, Ella The Unicorn, Everest the Penguin, Wyatt the Fox, Penelope the Flamingo, and Eloise The Elephant. We are currently awaiting the delivery of Lucas the Llama and Charlotte the Dog! Our family loves them and love to give them, Emma has received Cuddle + Kind as gifts from loved ones since my baby shower!

Who is next for Emma’s collection, we are waiting for little Harlow the Swan, she was the second most voted for in the poll and she will be the next friend for Emma when it comes time to add to her collection!

The price, boy have I gotten so many messages asking about the prices! Yes they are expensive, but they aren’t the typical stuffies you can buy at Walmart they are heirloom quality, handmade with love, fair trade, made with premium cotton, and 1 doll = 10 meals to hungry children. This is why they are expensive and sadly there are very few sales! Right now you can buy two dolls at full price and receive free shipping and two free prints!

So if you have more questions send them my way! I am a true lover of this company and would love to help you find your littles next friend!

Some exciting news is that today is restock day meaning you maybe able to purchase your favorite doll that is typically hard to get!

We have added Cuddle + Kind to both Emma’s Christmas List and back to daycare list! I will be linking this as soon as it is published!

Love you all,

Michelle & Emma

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  1. I love that the purchase of 1 doll helps send 10 meals to kids in need. There’s nothing better than a product that is good, but also does good.

  2. They are such beautiful dolls. Can’t wait to see the new addition. I think my daughter would love this doll.

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