1 Year Of Loving You

One year of loving you,

One Year of watching you grow,

One year of caring for and teaching you,

One year of milestones and firsts,

One year ago, all my prayers were answered and this sweet, perfect, little miracle came into this world. Little Miss Emma Rose, you have filled our hearts with so much love. You have put a permanent smile on our faces, and you have taught us so much. Every day when I wake up to your little smile and coos, I know I am the luckiest person on this Earth because you call me mama. Your sweet voice and caring hugs warm my heart more than I thought anything could. You are the rainbow I needed and I can’t wait to watch you grow into the sweetest, most caring, lovable, confident, funny, smart, and strong women I already see in you every day. Baby girl this is only the beginning and you are beyond Wonderful!

The world better be ready for you Emma Rose because you are going to change it!

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