Christmas Eve Flu

Hello Everyone,

Merry Christmas Eve, so far this Christmas Eve is far from what I imagined. Tyler woke up sick throwing up as soon as Emma got us up this morning. I had nausea but was fine until this afternoon.

When it finally hit me I all of a sudden felt like death. Honesty this is what I imagined being poisoned feels like. The vomiting is far from the worst part. The waves of stomach pain starting at your belt traveling up to your chest is painful but manageable. The temple pain, the inability to focus my eyes, the high pitched buzzing I constantly hear and the aches over my entire body is crushing.

I have dreamed of this Christmas for years, finally getting to celebrate with my baby who we have prayed for, for so many years. Now I am sick and I feel like a terrible mother for being unable to give her the great Christmas she deserves. Emma deserves the world and this is crushing me beyond what I can say.

Seriously I think the worst part of this sickness is the heartbreak I feel seeing Emma not getting to enjoy this the way she should.

Love you all,

Michelle & Emma

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