Our 2019 Holiday Card

Hi Everyone,

Happy Monday, what an exciting week! In only a few days we will be celebrating Thanksgiving! This is Emma’s first Thanksgiving and I can not tell you how thankful I am this year.

Over the past few years Tyler and I had been struggling to grow our family and to be honest, holidays felt a little bittersweet. With Emma finally here to celebrate with us I couldn’t be more excited for the Holiday season!

One thing I have been looking forward to most is the Holiday cards. This year will be our first Holidays cards with the three of us! Our cards need to be perfect, I will look back on them for years to remember Emma’s first holiday season. Honestly, this year has been the best year of my life. From the joys (and fears) of pregnancy, to the first time we saw our little Emma’s face, and every day since holding my very own bundle of love and joy.

So how am I going to find a card that embodies everything we have felt over the past year? How am I going to find a card that will always remind me of this years holidays? It honestly felt like an impossible task.

To start Tyler and I searched through all of the card companies trying to find perfection. After a lot of searching, we ended up choosing Basic Invites. The selection they have is amazing. They have the most beautiful holiday cards with so many options to personalize and make them perfect for your family.

I loved that they have almost unlimited color options allowing you to switch up the designs, they also allow you to see a preview instantly so you can tell if anything needs tweaking. They even have a foil option available in gold, silver and rose cold. The invite we chose has the rose gold foil and it added even more elegance and sparkle. Then there is the envelopes we got to choose between 40 different color options, trust me our card will not be missed in the shuffle of holiday mail with our beautiful envelope choice.

Another thing that was super important to us was the custom samples. They allow their customers to order samples of the invite or card they created. Tyler and I ended up ordering 5 samples of different cards to make sure we were ordering the perfect card. The quality of these samples are amazing! I feel like I sat down with an artist to make sure the card embodied my little family. After going through the samples, I am positive we selected the perfect card.

If you are looking for the perfect holiday card check out Basic Invites: https://www.basicinvite.com

Basic invites is even helping us address our holiday cards. We are using their address capturing system to collect all our friends and family names and addresses. If you would like a card from us fill out the form here and you will receive a holiday card from our little family! basicinvite.me/1SVSnA

Well without further ado here is the 2019 Trites Family Holiday Card. Let me know what you think! Don’t forget to send me photos of your Basic Invite holiday cards, I would love to see!

Love you all,

Michelle & Emma

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