The Motorola Halo+

Hey Everyone,

So you probably have seen my recent stories and posts on Instagram about the Motorla Halo+ it is a new baby monitor that sits right above the crib!

We love it, you all know Emma moved out of her Snoo and into the crib a few weeks ago. This was so nerve wracking and emotional for me! But honestly this monitor has been the biggest help!

The monitor has a bird’s eye view so you can see the entire crib. This allows me to see all corners of the crib from the display. There are two ways to view, the first is the Hubble for Motorola app! I love this app it has an adorable feature that allows you to take videos and photo of they are doing something cute in the crib! The other view is from the display that comes with the monitor. This allows you to have complete control of the monitor!

The monitor doesn’t just record the baby in the crib it also has a nightlight feature which you can choose a color. It plays lullabies reads bedtime stories, and plays soothing sounds! One of my favorite parts is the adorable projection it puts on the ceiling.

Honestly I love this product! And I would recommend it to every momma out there! Check out the photos and videos below showing off a few of my favorite features! I have a coupon code for you all to get 20% off it is: MICHELLET20 I will link the product below if you would like to order:

Halo+ Link


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