My First Last Name

Hello Everyone!

Happy Sunday hope you are all enjoying your weekend and some football!

Today I heard a song on the radio called My First Last Name it was so sweet. It talks about all the things a father taught his little girl and now that she is grown and married she still always remembers and appreciates the things she learned from her parents.

It made me think of my own childhood and all the things my parents taught me and still teach me to this day. I remember growing up with my dad teaching me how to play guitar, I still have two of his guitars hanging on my wall. I know it’s a skill I will pass down to Emma one day. Maybe my dad will even be able to teach her one day!

My mom taught me so much and I will always remember her helping me get ready for my proms and wedding. She always was there to hold my hand and cheer me on.

It makes me think, one day Emma will be my age. Maybe she will be married and have a little girl of her own. What things do I want her to look back on and remember? What lessons will stick with her during her whole life? And what will she have to say about her parents at this stage.

I want to give Emma the world. I want to teach her everything a little girl needs to know and teach her how to grow into the most amazing women!

I think about all the traditions my parents passed on to me that I am doing with Emma. Every night I read her a book, even though she doesn’t understand just yet these are times that I will cherish forever! Her looking up at me grinning as I do my best impression of the Cat in The Hat or Goodnight Moon. I think about what traditions we will establish with her first Christmas, maybe will will open one gift before bed on Christmas Eve like we did in my house growing up. Maybe we will open our presents with the Yule log video playing like my husbands family does.

I hope that Emma lives the fullest and happiest of lives! I hope these traditions and lessons we teach her will stay with her forever and bring her so much happiness as she reminisces one day. I hope she passes down some of the traditions to her children one day! I hope Emma always loves her first last name!

Love you all,

Michelle & Emma

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