Baby’s First Sick Visit

Hello Everyone,

Thank you all for reaching out to me the last few days with baby cold tips and asking how Emma was doing! It means the world to me that Emma has so many people who care about her even those who haven’t met her!

Today we went in for our first sick visit! It was very nerve wracking bringing her in not knowing what they can do to help or if they would tell me something was wrong!

Thank goodness it was all good news! Emma has gained more weight, since birth she was in the 10 percentile for her age and weight today she was considered to be in the 19 percentile which is an amazing sign that she is growing and thriving! The doctor looked at her and listened to her lungs. She told me Emma had a cold but it was nothing dangerous. Her lungs were clear and the congestion was considered mild.

The doctor said not to do anything for her cold except run the humidifier, continue to feed her, and let her sleep it off. We only need to go back in if she starts running a fever or develops a more severe cough!

As a new mommy dealing with a baby who is sick for the first time I am so thankful we brought her to the doctors! I can now relax and know this is just a cold that will pass. What a relief!

Love you all,

Michelle & Emma

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