Baby’s Month 2 Essentials

Hello Everyone!

Happy Monday! Emma will be 2 months old tomorrow! With that being said another month has passed and I want to update you on Emma’s essentials for the last month!


The first one is the Baby Bjorn Bouncer! It is a seat she can sit in safely. It is extremely lightweight and folds flat making it easy to bring with you or just from room to room! I would also recommend purchasing a cover off of amazon for it. Like I have mentioned before Emma has reflex and often spits up. Having a cover to go over the seat makes it so I can just remove the cover when she spits up giving me a little more time before I need to do laundry.


The second essential would be the Keekaroo Peanut Changer. This is the best changers we have used! With Emma’s reflex and ends up spitting up when being changed most of the time. This changing pad is made from rubber so you can easily wash it with a damp cloth after any accidents, yet another essential to really helped cut down on our laundry!


The next essential is both affordable and useful! It is the wet/dry bag. Like I mentioned before Emma has reflex and spits up frequently. The wet-dry bag allows me to keep the clothes she spits up on separate from the rest of her things in the diaper bag! I would highly recommend it for any babies who frequently spit up or wet through diapers!


The next essential is Emma’s favorite binky. You have probably noticed them in past pictures I’ve posted. She is very picky and only likes the Dr Brown Pacifiers. This is a must have for us!



All these products are available at BuyBuyBaby or, you can click on the photos to be taken directly to the links.

Let me know if you have any questions or any suggestions for products to try!


Love you all,


Michelle & Emma

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