Emma's Month One Essentials

Hello Everyone,
Happy Thursday! Today is very exciting for me because my little Emma is 4 weeks old! She will be one month on Saturday the 27th, it’s crazy how fast time goes when your watching your child grow!
Today I want to talk to you about the essential baby products I have used non-stop over the last 4 weeks! I read so many bloggers essential posts while I was pregnant to help me prepare!
The first thing that has been a total lifesaver for me is the Boppy Newborn Lounger! It is a pillow that is formed to hold the baby safely with higher sides. It is amazing, I take it with me everywhere. It goes on my bed while I’m relaxing watching tv, on the couch, the bathroom when I need some place safe to put her but still want to keep my eye on her! The down side is you can only use it for a short time because as soon as the baby starts to roll over they can no longer use it. I got mine at my babyshower but they are available on amazon.

The next thing I found to be essential for little Emma’s first month is my Wabi sanitizer and dryer. I was using a different electric sanitizer to sanitize her bottles after they were washed but I noticed a lot of condensation was left over while drying, being the worrying new mom that I am I was worried that bacteria or germs could be in the bottles as well. With the Wabi it sanitizes the bottles then dries them so everything can be put away immediately! I bought mine on amazon.

My next essential is the SNOO. Since I already wrote an entire post about this sleeper I am not going to talk to much about it but make sure you read my review if you are thinking about buying one. This is available on the happiestbaby website.

My next essential is my Enfamil disposable nipples and the travel Nueropro formula! I was originally breast feeding Emma but she did need more then I could produce and we had to switch her over to formula. The Enfamil Neuropro has been awesome. Emma has not had any sort of reaction or problem and it is available in powder, premixed, and travel containers! When you are a busy new mom and have to take the baby to the doctors or to buy diapers it’s nice to be able to grab a travel bottle that is ready to go! The disposable nipples are an amazing product they fit right on to the travel bottles; as well as, my medela bottles. They come wrapped in plastic to keep them clean until use! Then you can wash and sanitize them or throw them away! I ordered the nipples off of amazon, the formula is available at Walmart, Target, CVS, really anywhere!
The next essential item was a big deal to me! It is the Graco 4 Ever extend2fit car seat. This was not our intended car seat originally we had bought a stroller set with the snug lock car seat carrier for her but when she was born early and so small it became my mission to find her the safest car seat that would have small enough head support. This car seat goes from 4 pounds to 100 pounds and it can be altered as she grows! The only down size to this car seat is that it is not a carrier and makes traveling with a newborn a little more difficult. I bought mine on amazon.
The last essential item is Emma’s stroller. Because her carseat is not an infant carrier and she is to small for the traditional sitting stroller I had to find a bassinet stroller so she can be in a laying dow position. The one I chose was made by Cynebaby, I chose it for a few different reasons: first it had great reviews on amazon, second it transitions from a bassinet to a sitting stroller allowing her to use it longer, third it had great safety features like vents to maximize air flow, and a net to cover the open part to keep bugs out. I got mine on amazon.
Let me know if you have any questions about the products. Let me know if you know of any products I should try out for Emma!

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