Emma's 4th Trimester (Month 1)

Hello Everyone,
Happy Wednesday!
As I mentioned in my last post I will be talking about the fourth trimester and what I have been doing, thinking, and feeling.
Emma is my miracle and the answer to all of my prayers! Just knowing she is here on Earth makes me happy. I worry about her on a daily basis, being a first time mom is scary because you have never done this before, everything is new! But its also the most amazing feeling look down at your baby knowing that you made this perfect little person, its impossible to explain the love a mother feels for her child it’s the most powerful feeling I have ever felt!
Like I said the hardest part of being a new mom is not knowing what is normal. Emma’s breathing was so scary to me when we first went home. Especially over-night with her sleeping. Emma was doing a thing called periodic breathing, and it is very typical for newborns especially babies born early. It is when they breath rapidly then stop breathing for a few seconds. It scared the day lights out of me, Tyler and I ended up driving her into the city for the children’s hospital out of fear that she was in distress. But they reassured us everything was normal. I feel like on a daily basis I find something new to worry about, but worrying is in my nature anyway
Emma and I mainly hang out at home. She is on a very good routine already. We go to bed at midnight I wake up at 4AM with Emma to feed her, I keep her up till about 5 to make sure she is fed, burped, and changed. Then we go back to sleep till 8 when I feed, burp and change her all over again! I really can not complain at all about her sleep habits . 
Emma is a great Eater she loves her bubba! She really only fusses when she is hungry. We call her baby Jack-Jack because she turns red when she decides its time for food even if she is not due to eat yet. Just like Jack-Jack from the incredibles!

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When it comes to me, my postpartum body is far from what it was pre-pregnancy. But that doesn’t really bother me. I look at Emma everyday and realize how lucky I am to have this perfect little girl, worrying about something as small as fitting into my old jeans seems silly when I feel so lucky!
The fourth trimester has not been easy but it has been the happiest, most rewarding, and special time in my life!
Tomorrow I will be talking about my baby necessities for the first month!
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