Emma's Due Date

Hello Everyone,
Happy Friday!
If you read my previous blog article about baby Emma you know she arrived a few weeks early. She was 36 weeks 6 days when she arrived! I am so glad she arrived when she did because I really can’t imagine life without her!
Yesterday she hit her 3 week birthday! It was a very special day for our family because we were able to reflect and celebrate her first 3 weeks!
Today is her original due date, She would be at a gestational age of 40 weeks! It is crazy to think that she was supposed to be in my stomach until this point! I really can not imagine the last three weeks without her!
Having a baby early is a scary thing. The nurses and Doctors come in before you deliver to tell you what problems could occur since the baby is not yet full term. Once Emma was here I had to wait for the NICU team to evaluate her and tell us she was okay. But Emma did great, we were scheduled to be induced at 37 weeks and she was born the day before, which is a day away from being considered full term.
I spent my whole pregnancy imagining what she would look like but the moment she was born I completely forgot what I was picturing because when I looked at her I felt like I have known her forever! She is truly the most beautiful sight I have ever seen!
Happy Due Date Emma you are perfect in every way! I am a lucky momma!

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