Thanks for the Memories

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed your Wednesday!

To continue senior week I would like to talk to you all about moving forward.

Facing graduation is very hard especially with all the change that is coming.

One of the hardest things is moving on from what you are used to. Seeing the same people eveyday, living in the same place, going to the same classes. All these things change after graduation and when that finally sinks in it can be a tough reality to face.

The best advice I can give you for this is to make an extra effort. Make an effort to stay in contact with the people you care about. You may not live close and the real world can get busy but if you make an effort to stay in contact you will still have these people in your life.

Make sure you look forward to your future, there’s adventure out there but you can’t get there if you stay in the past.

This is an exciting time do stay positive

Love you all,


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