I’m Growing Up

Hello Everyone!

Happy Wednesday!

Sorry my post is so late I had a Doctors appointment this morning and did not get a chance to write before I left!!

Today I want to talk to you about moving forward and not being afraid! Today at my appointment my doctor told me that it was time that I moved to an adult Doctor!

Being 22, a recent graduate and a newlywed it is hard to argue with the fact that I am an adult now. But it is still hard to move out of this comfort zone!

Many of you talk about being excited to start college or the anxiety that comes with graduating from it. So I am sure we are all in the same boat!

I do realize that as time passes things have to change and that’s just a natural part of life so don’t be afraid of these changes embrace them and learn from them but don’t fear your future!

I wish you all luck with any changes coming your way!

Love you all,


I didn’t have a photo that applies to this post so here’s Tonks!

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