Be Happy Be Bright Be You

Hello Everyone!
I hope you are all having a great weekend! Today I want to talk to everyone about positivity!
I talk a lot about staying optimistic and positive for you own well being and mental health but I think there are many other great things about being optimistic as well!
For one, everyone wants to be around  happy people! In the work place,at school, basically any where! People want to be around positivity! Looking at life through rose colored glasses is a great trait and people like to be around those who aren’t downers and who do not focus on bad things!
Sometimes things happen and can make the whole world seem bad. Sometimes you may not be so optimistic and that’s okay too! We all have those days. But in general I think looking at the glass half full makes you feel better about  your everyday life!
I hope you all decide to put on those rose colored glasses every now and then and smile!
Love you all,


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